Dacă nu găsiţi soluţia problemei în biblioteca noastră de cunoştinţe, trimiteţi o sesizare de suport, alegând mai jos departamentul potrivit.

 General Enquiries

All Enquiries


Abuse Department - Abuse of Services etc

 Billing Department

Billing Support - Invoice & payment queries. or let us know if your going to be late on a bill

 Support Department

Technical Support

 Reseller Support

Support for our resellers - any services.

 VPS Support

Support for all VPS queries.

 Dedicated Server Support

Use this if you need Support for your Dedicated Server Services

 Sales Department

Sales Support - Sales queries & custom orders.

 SSL Support - SSL Reseller Support

SSL Support - SSL Reseller Support

 Partnership Proposal

Do you have a Partnership Proposal for MKWServer. Contact us now and we can together see if we can have a Partnership Proposal deal

 Development - Team

Our Development Team will help you upgrade your website or server from us

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