Major Changes - Coming On 10-30-2021

 Friday, October 15, 2021

Starting Soon cPanel will be doing another New cPanel pricing. raising the prices up 20% and that would force us to raise our pricing as well forcing a lot of our plans to go up by 60% month and 80% on yearly plans. And we will be leaving cPanel and shutting all servers down and be moving to a new Control panel and leaving the cPanel Partner Program and also we are still not sure if we will go to Plesk or DirectAdmin but we will know on the 21st while we still test out both to see what we want more. and if you guys have any thoughts on those let us know as we will take your feedback in as well. but at this point, we are done with cPanel and their bad support, and many others I will not get into


cPanel Says: as a business owner, you have several avenues available to you with regard to how to manage this price adjustment. Some of the options available include passing the cost directly on to the end-users by increasing prices, leveraging creative marketing ideas to create fair use policies, and offering value-adding upsells to customers to increase revenue.


My Reply:  but over the last 2 years, they have not added any value to cPanel at all and it's already bad they still charge you over 120$ per support request 


It definitely shines a pretty ugly light. They still haven't offered anything groundbreaking, like I don't know, a product not developed on a dying programming language or better security? 


Can anyone else come up with things that have gone up over 500% in the span of 2-3 years? My car insurance hasn't, my cell phone hasn't, video games from Steam haven't, Windows Server licenses haven't (at least at the level we utilize them), Microsoft Office subscriptions haven't. Why is it only the world's most dominant control panel that powers huge swaths of the internet have gone up this much and we're just supposed to "Take it"?


After hitting some of your customers with a cost increase of over 400%, and getting publicly burned for it, you are increasing pricing AGAIN? they are just unreal.. 


we can expect from beancounters who care more about a quick buck than the long-term survivability of their product. Driving away customers with a regular price increase is NOT going to be healthy in the long term. Obviously, they are more interested in cashing as much money as possible right now, and selling the company before it leaks too many customers.


but at this point, It's a no-brainer that I have to switch to something else to protect my bottom line. And, cPanel, you lost your mind if you think that you are going to profit more from my clients than you should.


I can understand paying for great customer service. But the fallacy continues in that none of these clients are ever going to use your customer service - they are going to use me, so effectively you're forcing us to pay for something that will never be taken advantage of.


If cPanel adapts to modern times and takes scenarios like the above into consideration, I'd be happy to remain a client. But currently, the more trends shift away from shared hosting, the more irrelevant the entire cPanel model becomes.

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