We will be performing maintenance and our site mkwserver.com will be down during this this time while we work on updates and upgrades to our Website and our server but no other services or hosting will be affected by this only our website and the server that runs our website will be down. so all other services and hosting servers will remain up and running. and now since we will be down you will not be able to login into your MKWServer account to manage anything or pay bills and also support but thats not a issue if you do any support for any reason we will still have support staff on standby so for the time being during this downtime we will only be able to provide support via our Development emails or our Main Support team email listed below


Main Support Email: [email protected]

MKWDevelopment Support Team: [email protected]


you can reach us at any one of those email just to be sure to provide your domain and email on your account before we can help to verify you own the account


Starting Maintenance:  1/11/2020 8AM PST

Ending Time: No ETA for this but we hope to be back up and running fully within 24 hours

Saturday, January 11, 2020

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